Tips For Using Plant-Based Organic Fertilizers


If you have decided to grow crops with health in mind, then you may want to use organic fertilizers. Nitrogen is one of the essential nutrients that your crops need, and it is likely one of the most important if you want to see some good crop growth. However, you may be used to using artificial or animal-based products. Plant-based fertilizers are much more common when it comes to organic products.

17 March 2018

Recently Inherited A Farm? Ideas For What You Can Do With It


If you have always lived in a city but have family members who have been lifelong farmers, then you may find yourself one day the recipient of an incredible gift and responsibility. That gift, of course, is an inherited farm. On the one hand, farm land is an excellent real estate investment and can be a wonderful connection to your family that you can foster and maintain. On the other hand, farms are also a substantial responsibility that will require your care and attention.

23 January 2017

2 Reasons To Consider Hydroponic Growing


One of the most useful options at your disposal if you are planning on growing plants for your own consumption or want to grow larger crops for sale is hydroponics, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide. When you utilize hydroponics to grow your plants, you are actually forgoing the use of soil and are instead utilizing a system that has your plants resting above a tank of water and nutrients with the roots of those plants typically resting in or slightly above the water tank.

7 November 2016

Your Agricultural Business Could Be At Risk For Fire If You Don't Have These Practices In Place


Does your business involve storing or using agricultural goods, equipment, or supplies? If so, there are likely some things that you handle that have the potential to start a fire. Hay, gasoline cans, heavy equipment with leaks, cleaning solvents, and animal feed are examples of some things that could contribute to a fire under certain circumstances. You may even use certain farming practices such as clearing land, which sometimes involves the controlled use of fire.

3 August 2016

3 Ways To Achieve A Greener Lawn


A green lawn is a sign of a healthy, well-cared for landscape. You can achieve a greener lawn by doing the following 3 things, so your landscape always looks beautiful and inviting. Mow properly The best blade for cutting your grass is a rotating one that cuts at an angle. Many traditional lawn mowers cut straight across, which makes the tips of your grass blades brown. You can prevent this by upgrading to a commercial lawn mower or even a hand-push mower that uses rotating blades to keep a lawn short.

17 June 2015

The Cause And Effect Between Aphids And Tree Limb Removal


Aphids are one of the least considered threats to tree health and safety. However, a serious aphid infestation is often the cause of the kind of severe limb and branch damage that makes trimming or even removal necessary. Understanding these pests can help you understand how they compromise the health of your trees and their limbs. Aphid Breed Like Rabbits An individual aphid doesn't look like much, but each has the potential to breed plenty of damaging pests.

9 June 2015

How To Keep Your Freezers Functional And Why It Is Vital To Your Fresh Meat And Butchering Services


When you keep livestock and operate your own onsite butcher shop, it is important that the meat be clean, free of disease and harbor no pathogens or parasites that can make your customers sick. Fresh meat is only as fresh and healthy as the butchering process and freezer storage. If your many freezers do not receive home appliance services, they can break down and spoil your products. There are ways to ensure that you never have to deal with hundreds of pounds of rotting meat.

16 April 2015

How To Protect Your Propane Tank From Freezing When Temperatures Drop


No matter what the size of your propane gas tank, it's prone to freezing, particularly during the winter months when temperatures become frigid. And while a frozen propane tank doesn't pose a danger to you, the fact remains that it can be inconvenient, especially if you're trying to use your propane tank to grill. Fortunately, there are some simple options you can keep in mind for preventing your propane tank from freezing any time of year.

7 April 2015

4 Different Types of Grass Used in Commercial Sod


Are you considering getting a head start on spring and summer landscaping projects by purchasing a roll-out sod product instead of planting a lawn the traditional way? If so, you're probably already aware of certain benefits of choosing to go this route, including having an instant lawn rather than having to wait for weeks while seeds take root and grow. However, there are several different types of grasses that are available in sod form, and each one is formulated to thrive in specific environmental conditions.

18 March 2015