How To Protect Your Propane Tank From Freezing When Temperatures Drop


No matter what the size of your propane gas tank, it's prone to freezing, particularly during the winter months when temperatures become frigid. And while a frozen propane tank doesn't pose a danger to you, the fact remains that it can be inconvenient, especially if you're trying to use your propane tank to grill. Fortunately, there are some simple options you can keep in mind for preventing your propane tank from freezing any time of year.

7 April 2015

4 Different Types of Grass Used in Commercial Sod


Are you considering getting a head start on spring and summer landscaping projects by purchasing a roll-out sod product instead of planting a lawn the traditional way? If so, you're probably already aware of certain benefits of choosing to go this route, including having an instant lawn rather than having to wait for weeks while seeds take root and grow. However, there are several different types of grasses that are available in sod form, and each one is formulated to thrive in specific environmental conditions.

18 March 2015